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2013 Record:  93 of 194 (47%) pregnancies are achieved by getting acupuncture and herbs from Dr. Lee without IUI or IVF.  A 31 y.o. has been trying for the  past 12 yrs with 2 IUIs and  2 IVFs without success prior to seeing Dr. Lee. The other 31 y.o. has 180 day cycle. Other one her AMH increased from 0.2 to 1.2 in 4 months of treatment with Dr. Lee. A 43 y.o. with FSH  43 and low AMH<0.16 achieved natural pregnancy

2012 Record:  A 35-yr-old infertility patient with high FSH of 23 and low AMH <0.16 got pregnant with acupuncture and herbal treatment from Dr. Lee.

2011 Record:  A new all time high record of 186 pregnancies achieved in 2011.

70 of which are achieved with just getting acupuncture and herbs from Dr. Lee without IUI or IVF.

2010 Record: A 39 y.o. began to see Dr. Lee after failed 10 IVF.  Yes. Ten IVF.  She saw 2 other acupuncturists without success due to lack of focus of the underlining cause.  After seeing Dr. Lee for acupuncture and herbs for 3 months, she got pregnant with twins from other IVF and delivered the twins in Sept. 2010.

2009 Record: A 44 y.o got pregnant naturally with acupuncture with herbs.  A 36 y.o. with history of 6 IVF failures got pregnant naturally after seeing Dr. Lee for 4 and 1/2 months.  A new record of 125 pregnancies for year 2009

2008 Record: New record of pregnancy rate of 69%. Total of 123 patients got pregnant.  One age 41 with endometriosis and high FSH of 23 got pregnant with twins using her own eggs with combination of acupuncture herbs and IVF. 

2007 Record: A 35 yr-old woman with only one fallopian tube and only one follicle developing on the opposite ovary (confirmed with ultrasound by her RE) get pregnant naturally.

2006 Record:  #1 A 41-yr-old infertility patient from LA County who failed one IVF cycle prior to seeing Dr. Lee on 4/30/05.  She had 2 laparoscopies to remove endometriosis and chocolate cysts ranging 4 to 5 cm in size.  Her FSH was at 30. Her tubes were 100% blocked in one and partially blocked in the other.  She wants to get pregnant naturally after only 9 acupuncture treatments with Chinese herbs for her specific condition.  But she miscarried on 8/25/05.  She went to RE to start IVF but was told that due do her high FSH, she was not a good candidate for IVF.  She decided to continue Dr. Lee's the acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments. Her year-long persistence paid off. Her FSH dropped down to 19.3 on 8/28/06.  She got pregnant naturally again on 10/17/06 with strong HCG numbers.  Her ultrasound on 11/3/06 showed 2 heart beats.  She has twins! She is now biweekly acupuncture treatments to prevent miscarriages. As of 1/27/07 one of the twins advances normally, one miscarried.

#2 A new record was achieved on 1/10/06.  A 40 year-old infertility patient with FSH=56 already in menopause for 4 months with hot flashes got pregnant naturally after seeing Dr. Lee who brought the FSH down to 8 in just 4 months-- a very good news for our patients dealing with infertility. 

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16520 Bake Pkwy, #145, Irvine, Ca. 92618  U.S.A       

  • 3rd generation

  • Born & trained in China

  • M.D. recommended

  • Infertility subspecialty

  • Professor of acupuncture

  • Treats difficult cases

  • Disposable needles

  • L.Ac. =Licensed Acupuncturist

  • OMD.= Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Lee has also been successfully treating these common conditions listed here since he opened his private practice in Laguna Hills orange County in 1989.  He has earned the trust and confidence and referrals from many local physicians and from his patients.

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Acupuncture & herbal treatment for Infertility:

Dr. Lee has been successfully treating infertility with acupuncture alone as well as in conjunction with IUI and IVF in Irvine. He has treated over 3800 infertility patients in the past 14 years achieving a pregnancy rate of  63% to 69% see table below. (2014 see box to the right.)  A large number of his patients have previous failed IUI and IVF cycles with history of miscarriage, endometriosis, poor eggs quality, high FSH and unexplained infertility. It is Dr. Lee's hope to use this website to help patients understand some common causes of  infertility and highlight the importance of getting oneself optimized first prior to attempting the awesome and complicated task of achieving and maintaining a pregnancy.   He moved to a newer office in Irvine in 2007 and already run out of wall space for baby pictures.


The following is the success rate for year 2006 to 2013. About 40% of the pregnancies are achieved naturally by getting acupuncture and herbs from Dr. Lee. 

Infertility To Fertility with Dr. Lee in Irvine Ca

We had a strong beginning this year for our infertility patients.  As of 4/10/2014 we have 48 pregnancies. 26 of them got pregnant naturally by just getting acupuncture and herbs from Dr. Lee.

A 39 y.o, failed 7 IVFs and conceived naturally after seeing Dr. Lee for 4 months

To conque infertility, one needs two things from a doctor: Correct Diagnosis, Effective Treatments and two things from oneslf: Time and Perseverance. Many patients drives over 60 miles to Irvinr weekly see him.
Fertility Success: Dr. Lee had helped many families overame their infertilities.  His experience and high success rate is the greatest asset for an infertility patients both in Irvine and outside of Irvine.

Left Wall Baby photos.  frame 8'x4'

Dr. Lee's 3 pillars for success: Correct diagnosis, Effective treatments, Time & patience.  Short on time to read the following 60+ pages, just remember the 3 pillars.  Dr. Lee will give the first two, you need give yourself the 3rd. Haste makes waste.   May your dream begin right here in Irvine with the help from Dr. Lee.

Right Wall Baby photos.  frame 8'x4'

      -- 3 Pillars & 5 Walls --

By following Dr. Lee's 3 pillars for success, we have five walls of baby photos as the evidence of turning infertility to fertility. 

To achieve the dream of building a family, the first pillar matters the most.  Only with the correct diagnosis (not just by putting needles in) can patients overcome infertility.